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About Animal Oven Cleaning


Having studied fine art, music & working in the catering industry as a chef for most of my life, I've always had a keen eye for detail & a weird kitchen OCD! The kitchen has always been my department & I get a lot of satisfaction out of a sparkling kitchen & appliances! After nearly 30 years in the industry, although I love it, I decided that I couldn't do it for the rest of my life, so I looked into related jobs that I could do & stumbled across Oven Cleaning... I thought, this is my thing! So I trained & worked within 1 of the biggest nationwide oven cleaning companies to make sure that I knew what I was doing, although I'd been using the equipment & chemicals in the kitchens for most of my life, I knew I could do a lot better with my own knowledge & secrets & set up my own in 2021 - Animal Oven Cleaning Solutions! (For those wondering, Animal has been my nickname since a young age that I gained from my love of drums!) I've had a Lovely time getting out & about, meeting some lovely people & leaving them smiling with their ovens looking all shiny & new, & I finish my day feeling rather happy & content! As I've progressed & started to grow Animal Oven Cleaning, I thought it was about time for a website so with the help of my son Ty, here we are!

I'm Matt by the way & thank you for reading!

What is an animal oven deep clean?

I carry a state of the art decarboniser tank on the back of the van which is used to soak all rackings, shelves & roasting trays from every oven- this removes all carbon, grease & grime leaving them looking & feeling all shiny & new! Doors & glass are removed (where possible) to get to those hard to reach places! The back panel of the oven is also removed so i can clean the fan, this area of the oven is where the grease & carbon builds up the most- not all oven cleaners get to this part! All chemicals used are Eco-friendly & are neutralised afterwards so that your oven is safe & ready to use straight away! I'll even check seals & lightbulbs in your oven which I can replace there & then if you require!


This is an easy & efficient service for busy people or those that don't like to clean their own oven! I leave it looking so shiny & new that you'll be scared to use it!

Verified Customer Reviews

Steve Crowdy

He arrived promptly. Did an excellent job. Cleaned all grills and surfaces. Even replaced a worn out seal on the main oven. All in a couple of hours! Worth every penny. Highly recommend. Thanks again.

Jessica O'Sullivan

Matty came to clean our range oven in our new house that had definitely seen better days. He cut no corners and spent over 5 hours cleaning it. It looks brand new! We couldn’t recommend him enough. Thank you!

Sara Smith

Matty arrived early, explained how he was going to work and 2 hours later my oven was like new. Voila. I couldn’t stop looking at my transformed oven from dreadful to delightful and will definitely put a repeat date in the diary. Thank you very much.

Samantha Beese

What an absolute oven cleaning wizard my oven looks brand new again, I couldn’t be happier! Thank you so so much! You’ve got a new regular customer would recommend to everyone!